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Insurance Frauds

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Insurance Frauds

Atlas Investigation & Consultancy deals with all types of insurance fraud investigations. The nature of this type of investigation means that we will look into the suspicious circumstances surrounding a suspected claim of insurance fraud or a claim that is found to be suspicious in some regard. This means that we deal with matters surrounding the activities of new customers, insurance product purchases, and the calculations of premiums.

Insurance fraud investigators will refer potential cases of fraud to the relevant insurance investigators who will then in turn compile research and investigation to either deny or support a claimant’s case.

Our team deals with all types of insurance fraud including healthcare, disability, and fake death claims. We can provide you with a workable solution for all cases of fraud.

Types of Insurance Fraud

Our agents leave no stone unturned when investigating supposed insurance fraud. Atlas investigators have the expertise to look out for all the fraud suspects from records, interviews to inspection, documentation, and case closing.

Our private investigators implement computer-forensic and mobile forensic investigation skills to conduct insurance fraud investigations. Do you know Insurance Businesses bear the loss of millions of dollars to insurance fraud each year? Types of insurance fraud cases that cover many crimes like:

  • Health insurance scams
  • Car insurance scams
  • Home insurance scams
  • Life insurance scams
  • Fake death insurance
  • Car Stolen
  • Medical insurance

Atlas Investigation Consultancy covers the full range of insurance fraud.

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